Boulevard Point

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Al Shafar United

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Downtown Dubai

Boulevard Point, undertaken in collaboration with our esteemed client Al Shafar United, is a prominent construction endeavor that showcases our comprehensive range of MEP manpower supply services. This project encompasses HVAC services, plumbing services, and fire protection services. With our extensive experience and skilled labor force, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions to meet the diverse needs of Boulevard Point.

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Project goals

Our goal is to ensure optimal temperature control and air quality through efficient HVAC systems, enhancing the comfort and productivity of the occupants in Boulevard Point.

We strive to provide reliable plumbing and fire protection services, implementing cutting-edge technologies and adhering to strict safety standards, to safeguard the premises and its occupants from potential hazards.

Final outcome of this project

Through our top-notch HVAC services, Boulevard Point will experience improved indoor air quality, temperature regulation, and energy efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment.

Our proficient plumbing and fire protection solutions will guarantee the safety of Boulevard Point, preventing water damage, fire incidents, and ensuring the prompt response in case of emergencies, safeguarding both property and lives.

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